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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New News

If I pick up where I left off I'd share that I love my new psychologist.  She is a lot different than who I was seeing.  I liked her though, that's very important for someone who will be prescribing you medication that can change your total attitude and nature. 

She had a drug in mind at the end of our session that she thought she'd really like me to try.  UGH...I hate coming off of antidepressants.  It's always so scary.  Not to mention I'd just had this awful experience with the Limbrel that was still slightly present.  She went into discussion of why she was considering this medication.  As I left she wanted me to just take my current medication and she'd call me the next day with her decision.  She wanted to review my genetic testing.  

On Tuesday she called as promised but had something else in mind she wanted me to take.  I have to say I was disappointed at first because I'd done some reading the night before. For the first time I liked what I read and even the patient reviews were good.  Those can really scare you.  D does not like for me to read all of that.  I had to trust her judgement though.  Dr. L's notes mentioned that she was considering me trying this medication and she agreed it seemed to fit my needs based on her notes and genetic testing notes.  The good news was she had the first month in samples for me.  My husband went by and picked it up for me and the journey started.  

OMG !! I shouldn't have read the reviews on this one.  Maybe 1 out of every 10 was positive but 9 negative with a lot of side effects.  The next day I started tapering down on the Viibryd and started the new one.  Two days of 20 then up to 40.  Today was the last day of the Viibryd.  It hasn't been to bad.  Not sure the side effects I'm feeling are from coming off one or starting the new one.  This new one has only been on the market since the fall of 2013 so I'm a little nervous about that.  My new doctor likes that it helps with chronic pain.  Like Savella, Cymbalta, and Lyrica all of which I've tried.  Maybe, just maybe this is the one with the perfect balance.  Pain, depression and anxiety.  Supposed to cover all of this.  What a wonder drug if it does! 

Yesterday was my annual eye exam except it was a little later than annual.  I just can't seem to stay out of a doctor office so there are a couple I scheduled out during the year even though I was due to go at the end of the year.  I have to see the dermatologist next month.  

I've been telling my husband that I had a feeling my prescription for my glasses would change.  Seems every time I go in my eyes are worse.  She said around age 60 they will level out and should stop changing.  Not urgent.  I can wait a few months and just call in when I'm ready.  After my eyes had reached the point they were dilated enough she seemed to spend more time than usual looking and studying.  After she was done she talked to me about Fuchs Dystrophy.  The good news is that I come for my annual exam so we caught it right away.  I was kind of in a fog as she explained about the disease, causes, symptoms and worst case scenario.  

Wow, I sat in my car feeling like every time I go to the doctor they tell me something is wrong.  I think I will stop going.  I know that's not the answer but right now I'm still in the "why me" & "don't I have enough" stage.  I'll be past it soon.  I don't stay there long, but it's something I have to go through.  My way of dealing I guess.  

Fuchs Dystrophy, no matter how you look at it, has no good end.  It's a slowly progressing corneal dystrophy that usually effects both eyes and is more common in women.  It rarely effects vision until people reach their 50's and 60's.  I'm 7 months from knocking down that door!  Symptoms may include:

Blurred vision on awakening that may gradually clear up as the day goes on.
Other types of visual impairment, including distorted vision,  sensitivity to light, difficulty seeing at night and seeing halos around lights.
Eye discomfort..
Painful tiny blisters on the surface of cornea-caused by excess fluid within the cornea.
A cornea that is cloudy or hazy in appearance
Blindness-may occur late in the disorder.

Treatment involves in early stages topical hypertonic saline, the use of a hairdryer to dehydrate the precorneal tear film, and therapeutic soft contact lenses.  Definitive treatment however is surgical in form of corneal transplantation.  

At this point I stopped reading.  I don't want to know or understand anymore right now.  My progressive change in vision is not related to the Fuchs Dystrophy.

Gluten Free is going well.  I want to mention because there has been some talk in the news of GF being unhealthy if you eat too much of the same thing over and over and not getting in enough veggies.

Kind Bars....very good  GF

scrambled egg with veggies, GF shell with salsa
A couple things I discovered that are good.  The Kind bars are tasty.  I try to just have one occasionally.  They are expensive at some places like health food stores but Albertson's carry them.  They regular price is still cheaper than HFS. I recently caught a sale on them for .81 cents.  Thats why you see a box of them!  I never eat breakfast for breakfast.  Honestly I hardly like any breakfast foods.  I do however like scrambled eggs for supper.  I decided one night to jazz them up and put in a GF wrap add a little salsa and it was awesome.  

At least 2-3 nights I've been stuck on jasmine rice with saute bell peppers and onions, grilled chicken and broccoli all tossed together.  Guess what I add for some spice?  Yes your right, some salsa!

Jasmine rice, broccoli, bell pepper and onions 

Thats all I have folks.  I'm processing this new news and really can't wrap myself around anything else.  
Enjoy the rest of your week and I wish you peaceful and painless days.
God Bless,

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Dana said...

Hi Theresa. I hope your eyes are doing better! I've been having problems with blurry vision and strange pain in mine lately and suppose it's time for a checkup for me too! You haven't written in such a long time! I hope everything is ok and you and your family are all well. Can't wait to see a new post soon! Hugs ~ Dana