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Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's over with...

At the risk of sounding like all I do is complain....I'm going to update you all on my visit with my MP doctor ( he did the SCS implant).  I hadn't seen him since the last post surgery check after implant.  I did have an appointment a few months (Oct) back but he ended up just speaking with me at the surgical center where they did the x ray to see if my leads had moved.  I saw him Friday which  had been scheduled for 6 weeks.  I put it off as long as I could hoping that something would change and I would go in praising him for changing my life.
On the video they give you to view from St. Jude to watch when considering a stimulator all the testimonies say just that.  Having the Spinal Cord Stimulator has changed my life.  Some cases were much worse than mine.  An injured solider, a person in a horrible car accident and many more.  Maybe that's why my expectations were so high.  

I gave him the good news first.  I told him at my last meeting with Mr. R we'd finally made a little progress.  It's so close I told him.  I'm optimistic that as I approach a year (May) it will be even better.  Possibly the unwanted areas going away.  Then the bad...trouble with my battery.  I explained how uncomfortable it has been.  Well uncomfortable is not quite it....painful.  "Please tell me some people take this long to rid of the soreness"?  He said, no I should be fine in that area.  I explained the burning sensations and how I feel it's moved.  Kind of twisted like.  One corner in upper right is protruding out.  
He was puzzled about the heated feeling especially that it happens when stimulator is not even on.  Then he took a look at surgery area.  Oh yeah, he agreed.  I don't remember the exact word he used but definitely confirmed its shifted out of the "pocket".  My theory is that if I would have had the battery I chose implanted I'd be fine right now.

He said he was going to consult with St. Jude about the heating sensation.  I told him I have been in touch with Mr. R about having trouble charging.  He fixed it last time we met but when I went to charge again I had same trouble.  This week I received a package from St. Jude and it was a new charger.  I guess Mr. R took care of that.  After seeing the doc I'm now thinking my charger was fine and my battery shifting has something to do with it.  It probably isn't "making connection".  The wand has to lay flat over the battery when charging.  That is kind of hard to do now that it's moved.  I plan on consulting with Mr. R on this theory tomorrow.  Guess I'll know for sure after trying to charge with new charger.   

I didn't get a clear answer of what we will do if my battery continues to be a problem.  I guess he wanted to talk to St. Jude first.  The nurse told me she has seen this before and they just had to reposition.  OK, there is only one way to get to it.  YUCK.....I don't want to go through that again.  For temporary relief he gave me some samples of Lidoderm patches. (Lidocaine patch 5%)
I put to the test yesterday and today.  It really doesn't help my battery area but I noticed a big difference for 2-3 hours on my back.  He said if they worked he'd write me a script for them.  Of course I looked on my Rx plan and their not covered. I'll check with my pharmacist tomorrow to see what they will cost out of pocket.  I'm just glad the appointment is over, the least favorite office I have to go to. 

So my pinterest idea for this week end was "ice cream for breakfast".  I ate as a snack not for breakfast but you could.  It's just frozen banana's, good for you!  2 ingredient treat.  Freeze 4 sliced banana's and when completely frozen
pulse in food processor.  It will look like gravel at first but just keep pulsing and it will eventually get smooth, creamy and light like you see here.  You can find original recipe on the bloggers address if you follow me on pinterest under "things I've tried" or "something healthy"

you'll need to stop and scrape sides a lot

Next is your 2nd ingredient.  2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter, almond butter, whatever your preference.  (next time I'm going to try Nutella, there goes healthy!)  Continue to pulse until well combined.  She also recommended coco powder and peanut butter together.  I stuck just with the coco since I do not care for peanut butter.  It taste good plain with just the banana's but not every one cares for banana flavor.  For breakfast, I'm good with it.

with the coco added
Tried a little taste, yummy.  Especially for a healthy treat what ever the time you want it.  You can eat right away or freeze for later.  She recommends if you put in freezer to let it sit out a while before trying to serve.

a close up in the bowl
I read some comments following the post and a lot of readers tried strawberries added or chocolate chips.  I think I'll stick to the healthy stuff.  Most importantly make sure the bananas are completely frozen.  She said an hour, but it took 2 in my freezer.  I tried to soon and believe me it doesn't work.  Also the banana's need to be ripe but not black.  Just starting to have brown spots on them.  

So long friends.  This has been a rough week I'm praying for a better one this one.  We're having some bad weather here and from the sound coming from the kennel I'm not sure Dallas will not let me sleep.

God is Good....Always,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rock & Worship

Last night at the RiverCenter in Baton Rouge, LA. a friend and I went to The Rock & Worship Roadshow.  We definitely did some rocking and some worshiping.  It was fantastic!  Not to mention the fabulous artists that were there and it was moving to see such a diversity of people.  Elementary age, adolescences, families with their children and yes grandparents.  There were some acts that we enjoyed more than others but the "enjoy" outweighed the "others".

It cost $10 a person to get in.  Most artists were selling their cd's for $5 or $10.  Even new releases.   Your probably asking yourself why only $10.  They want you to be able to come if you have $10 in your pocket or $100.  No one left out.  If parents want to bring their whole family it wouldn't break the bank and they could even afford to purchase some music too.  I know they can't possibly make any money at $10 a ticket but that is not their purpose.  They know God will provide and help them to continue to let everyone that wants to come and see their favorites preform live.  A documentary that features behind the scenes of "The Rock & Worship Roadshow its being filmed now.  It tells the story of what it takes to put the show together and their challenges.  Lights, audio, weather,  life on a bus and putting on an amazing show.  Roadshow-The Film.  Check it out @ 

I've been to see this tour before, so I knew how great it would be both spiritually and entertaining.  Both times I was able to see some of my favorite Christian artists.  No different from a regular concert...loud music, people singing, even dancing.
Amazing lights, smoke, videos playing in the back ground and even some rapping.  My friend and I weren't quite sure what they were saying but we did hear "Believer" and "God" in there somewhere so it passed as Christian.  If the good lord is willing, it will be back next year and so will I!

I love the bags of mini bell peppers.  They are great for a snack and I love them in salads because they are so easy to cut up.  I actually like to just slice them just like a cucumber in little circles for my salad.  Easy to pick up with your fork!

The problem is I usually end up with waste because I never eat them all before they go bad.  I decided to not let that happen this time.  I have a couple of things to experiment with.  Tonight I tried "Mini stuffed peppers"  They were stuffed with a mixture of several things combined and topped with panco, olive oil and parmesan.  Every thing is good topped with Parmesan....yum.

with topping

These little peppers were so tasty I had to stop myself from eating them all in one sitting. They would be perfect as an appetizer when grilling or hosting a shower or party of some type.  I used fat free cream cheese and fat free cheddar to help reduce the calories.  I actually mixed half ff cheddar and my WW 3 cheese mix.  The actual recipe called for goat cheese.  You can use what ever you have on hand or like, or double the cream cheese and I think it will still taste great.  Next I want to make a meat stuffing to try.
Somehow I don't think that will be as quick and easy. 

Over the week end I had some strawberries to finish off so I went searching for something low fat to do with them.  Found a low fat strawberry muffin recipe.  (Forgot to take a picture) They didn't taste low fat at all to me.  Of course I changed a thing or two.  I didn't have the unsweetened applesauce so I used 2 very ripe bananas.  I also added a little almond milk for flavor.  Another time I had to control myself.  Somehow when you know it's low fat you convince your self to have 2 instead of 1.  Maybe even 3???

Have a great week and I'll be back to chat soon.
Fighting back, Theresa

    The things you take for granted someone else is praying for.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back so soon?

Surprised I'm sure.  Just couldn't keep you waiting on that beer making process. :-)

So D took over the kitchen ( I wasn't home thank goodness ) to make his beer.  
He started with steeping the grains, mostly roasted barley, at 155 degrees, for 30 minutes.

 Can see my herb in the window?

Next step-Boiling the wort, thats what it's called at this point, having added malt extract, gypsum, and bitter hops.
Doesn't look appealing to me!
       Chilling the wort in ice bath;  you have to chill fast to avoid contamination and get  
                                             temperature down below 80 degrees 

                             Wort topped off to 5 gallons, aerated, and yeast added.

I bet it makes a good floor cleaner.
            Airtight lid and airlock system.  Wort has to ferment for 2 weeks to make beer.

And here we are with this bucket of beer (will be) in my kitchen.  2 weeks in here then it's ready to be bottled and carbonate for another 4 weeks.   Yes. the bottles came with the kit.  When all is said and done he'll have 5 gallons of stout.  And no I won't be helping him drink it.  I've never acquired a taste for the stuff. 

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You won’t make a TON of money from this program, but it’s definitely an easy way to earn a little extra. It’s fun for the kids, too. They love helping with the scanning!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone <3  I came home to flowers today.  Early better than late right?  I can't complain he's made many Valentine's day very special for me.  I have a trick up my sleeve for him after he's sleeping to surprise him in the morning.

Good Night and peaceful sleep,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disability update

My mom mentioned to me that I never followed up about my disability.  She informed me my last entry regarding disability news was the day of the hearing and I said I'd believe it when I see the paperwork confirming it.  I'm sorry that I never filled you in mom.  I really never really talk about that topic much.  Two weeks later I received a letter from the judge who heard my case with all the notes from the hearing. The letter ended by stating that she was recommending I be approved for disability.  It said I should receive another letter stating my monthly direct deposit amount,  and when it would start.  Another letter came within 10-12 days with  information on my back pay.  The amount I'd receive and the amount that was being sent to my attorney. (big chunk) There is a 5 month waiting period from file date to acceptance which made my monthly payments start in December of 2011 to January of 2013.  After that payments are to be direct deposited on the same date each month starting in February.   I also had a bill from attorney's office for charges that they were billed for record requests. your updated on the disability. I probably won't be talking about that subject much anymore.
This is what $148 dollars of doctor notes looks like!
Only from June '11- Dec '12
On Saturday my daughter and grandson came to hang out with A and I.  They were happy with just chilling around here.  Neither A or myself had any desire to get in a car.  It was the cutest thing ever when P came in and went right up to A and opened his arms to hug her.  She was hesitant, looked at me and I nodded and she opened her arms back.  Oh I wish I'd have had my phone or camera.  We had lunch together and later in the day went for a wagon ride and took Dallas for a walk.   After B and P went home I put A down for a nap and I laid down myself.  My back was so sore from the day before.  She slept for 2 hours and Nonna relaxed 2 hours.
watch Mickey Mouse
Unfortunately when Sunday night rolled around she started showing signs of her respiratory  problems so her maw-maw and I decided we should get her home and nip it in the bud.  I think she was ready anyway.  You know, when you don't feel good you always want your mommy :-)  It was a nasty rainy drive for both maw maw and Nonna. 

I decided to take it easy today as much as possible.  Still gloomy but very little rain.  I did go out to the post office to send P and A a Valentine package.  Wasn't expecting the long line on Mardi Gras day.  I hope they enjoy getting something in the mail with their name on it!

Earlier in the day I made some muffins.  I've been on this kick of muffins/cookies with oatmeal and using the fruit or whatever I have in my pantry.  I think they are quite tasty and filling for breakfast.  Not to mention no added sugar. This batch I did some blueberries, cranberries, and I had some dried apricots that I cut in little pieces to put in some.  To make that clear it was 3 different kinds not one with all flavors in them.  This time I used the vanilla almond milk instead of original and they were a bit tastier.  Banana's, oatmeal, eggs, vanilla extract, rolled oats, fruit or candy of your choice and the almond milk.  I love pinterest.

Oatmeal muffins
I'm sure I mentioned in a previous post that we replaced the cumquat tree and navel tree we left behind at our previous home.  They were producing big that fall.  Our new ones will need time to reach that point.  We planted a couple of blueberry bushes.  We also replaced herbs we had on hand to just go out and pick when called for in a recipe.  Rosemary, basil, chives, mint and parsley.  I have these tiny windows in my kitchen.  No view just the neighbors brick wall. It adds some sunlight on the countertop.  I've had watt nots there but trying out two of the herbs in their place.  Just need to keep an eye on them to make sure they are getting enough sunlight. 

I guess I need to start making notes because I had things in my head to write about and they have left me.  Another day, another post.  My husband is always up to something.  He is off again tomorrow.  He ordered a kit to make your own BEER.  Watched the video today on how to do it.  It's a big deal to him but I think it's hilarious.  After whatever he has to do tomorrow then it has to sit for 5-6 weeks.  Better be good to wait that long to  enjoy something I make.  
Getting started

Silly girl
Loves her Minnie things <3

Still no word from my son.  I continue to pray along with many of my friends and family.  I still have strong urges to text him and I do.  Just not what I really want to say.  Prayers and support letting him know that no matter what we all love him and want the best for him.  Yesterday made a week since the officer made contact with him and informed me.  That's 7 days that anything could have happened since then.  Just wish he'd at least get word to me he is ok on a regular basis. 

Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased.  Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken.  But it is inscribed on a heart, and there it shall remain forever.  unknown

Take care everyone and thank you for your continued support and prayers.  I couldn't go through this without you.

God Bless,

Sunday, February 10, 2013


This past week has been a week of so many feelings good and bad.
Scared and relieved. My last post was 7 days ago.  That night for some reason I had a melt down.  When it came time to go to bed I couldn't stop thinking about my son.  Why do I continue to put myself through this?  Why?  Because no matter what he's done or doing now I still love him. He needs to know that. I was so upset I had to text my daughter.  I couldn't get it out of my mind that I should be doing something more.  So we just wait around for some bad news? Her and I went back and forth.  I don't remember how it ended but I had kept her up long enough.  She had work the next day.

I still couldn't get myself in control and go to sleep.  I decided to text a number of a past co-worker whose number I've seen on the cell phone bill. I hadn't heard anything from him but he had promised to let me know if he had from my son and it seemed he chose not to do so according to phone records. So I text asking if he'd heard from him and let him know how much it was effecting me and the rest of my family.  I was not sleeping and starting to have trouble controlling my emotions at any given time.  30 minutes later he text back and said, "Yea, he said he talked to his grandma." I had a few more questions since I got a response. I wanted to know if he'd asked him any questions, like did he say why he is ignoring all of us, was he ok? I got a "NO"

I wasn't satisfied with just a "no".  Give me more please. I asked a few more questions and he replied back and said that he'd seen him 2 weeks earlier and he seemed fine but didn't give any reason why he'd disappeared or anything.  He said he did tell him how worried I was and that I should get some sleep and not worry so much I'm sure he's fine.  So I let it go with that.  Someone had seen him recently and reading between the lines made me feel like he knew more than he was telling me.

The next day (Monday) I received a call from a Corporal Jones and he had found him sleeping in his car in a supermarket parking lot.  He said he looked tired and wasn't clean shaven but it seemed by the look of his clothes he'd been going some where now and then to shower. Depression was obvious but through questioning him believed he was not considering any harm to himself or anyone else. (this would be the only way he could bring him in for help) He didn't see any signs of drugs or anything to give him reason to search his car.  He asked him if he knew his family was looking for him and we were all concerned.  The officer said he only got brief yes and no answers. He encouraged him to call or at least text me and when he walked away from car he saw him pick up his phone.  The officer wanted to know if I'd heard from him and I told him no.  I still have not as of today.

Since Monday I've tried to convince myself I've done everything possible to help him or lead him to help.  My daughter has since received a very long text from him that was pretty sad and depressing.  No words of a plan or when he will come to his senses and call his daughter.  He claims he can't face or talk to anyone right now.  That makes me really sad but even if I go out and search for him I can't make him do anything he doesn't want to.  Everything was hard to swallow.  I was still full of so many questions.  Thank goodness I had an appointment coming up with my therapist on Friday.

She was stern with me.  Asked if I was satisfied enough now that I knew he was alive to go own with my life? To stop putting so much energy into fixing his life when he didn't want his life fixed?  She said if I put half of the energy in myself that I give to him I'd be surprised how much better I'd feel. If I feel better emotionally, I can deal with my back pain better. I also mentioned to her it wasn't just me, I wanted him better for my granddaughter and her mom.  My therapist was right back at me with "your still trying to control everyone's life"  "Just take care of you"  I know I make it sound like she's mean but she's not.  She's been working with me for a year.  Dealing with both issues.  Helping me to get though being depressed over having to deal with pain EVERY day.  Getting up every day and wondering what will my grown son call me about today?  It's been an on going thing for several years.  Always in need of help somehow and never his fault.  He's always the VICTIM! She was however more than thrilled when I told her of my outing with friends and husband.  Good for you she told me, please treat yourself to that more often.

The rest of the week I ended my day with a prayer for him and started my day with a prayer for him.  The difference ( I'd been doing this for some time) is my prayer was different now.  I know what he needs and I can't give it to him nor does he want it right now.  I am determined to focus on things I can control. Like the great time I wanted to have with my granddaughter and a plan for her to get to see her cousin P and her aunt and uncle who love her dearly also. 

I'm still struggling with that burning feeling around my battery.
It seems to be getting worse than better.  I have two more weeks before the appointment with Dr. who did surgery.  I had the unfortunate experience of multiple stalls on the ride to meet A's mom Friday evening.  On the way there not long after crossing the bridge in Baton Rouge I hit a dead stand still.  25 minutes of no moving.  When we did start moving I never saw anything to be the cause of this mess.  On the east side all the way from construction in town until miles and miles over the bridge and past 415 (Lobdell) it was backed up bumper to bumper.  Oh my, I was praying we'd miss that on the way back.

I left my house @ 3:15. I made it to our meeting point (Breaux Bridge)@ 4:45. We went inside and stretched a minute and used the ladies room.  Took off again shortly after 5pm and didn't make it home until 7:20. We ran into same delay coming home except a lot longer wait.  When we finally made it to 415 we headed to 190 and took Huey Long bridge to get home.  I'm positive even though that was out of the way by the time we got home we'd still have been sitting waiting to cross the new bridge. A informed me while we were sitting in the back up that her "butt hurt Nonna". Her ride was equal to mine being it took them the same amount of time to reach our meeting point.  I told her I understood mine did too and so did Nonna's back. I can tell you it was worth it even though yesterday I really paid for it and still really uncomfortable today.  I think today is due to the rain coming in this afternoon. 

My dear sweet mother informed me she wasn't to fond of my changes in the colors of blog.  She said she found it hard to read things on the side bar.  I made some adjustments after that and hope it's easier now.  If not, you all let me know and I'll just go right back to the previous layout.  Just thought a change would be nice.  Thank you to everyone for their prayers and continued support. I can't tell you what it means to me to know your there if I need you.  I have the greatest friends ever.

Of course these two bring me great joy when I'm with them.

 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl doesn't mean anything to me but I figure their are plenty of my readers that it means a lot to so why not mention it somewhere.  I figured the title was the best honor.  I started writing @ half time lets see if I can finish before it's over.  

I jinxed myself by mentioning my hives in my last post.  Two days after that I had one on the back of my leg and yesterday one on the inside of my thigh.  No clusters thank goodness just the one in each location.  Maybe I was wrong about the anxiety.  Along with those little villains my chest pain and trouble breathing has been hanging around for the last week.

Aren't friends just the greatest thing to have in your life?  Even though I've been keeping to my self it seems every day I get a voice mail, text or email from one of the many I have.  So one of these dear friends, who is aware I'm hiding away as much as I can, left me a voice mail on Friday when I was away from my phone. She wanted D and I to go to dinner with her and her husband.  She mentioned she was contacting another friend and her husband to join us.  The three of us used to work together years ago.  We also have children the same age.  My husband had already planned to get me out of the house and make a trip to Whole Foods.  We used to live near one and went regular.  I told her I'd check with D and text her back.

Of course my husband was all for going.  He loves to go out to dinner.  Even before my back problems it wasn't on the top of my list of outings.  I would love to have gotten out of it but I knew I owed it to my husband and my friends.  My therapist has been urging me to get out more not just for myself but for my husband also.  If it's not my back it's this dark cloud weighing down over my head of worry for my son.  I try really hard to keep my little "break downs" private.  The bathroom, in the car leaving, or after he is sleeping.  I know it's important to find some joy in my life.  I'm doing better but when it's quite and I have time to think about it my emotions take control.  I picture ever kind of situation he may be in.

I knew her intent was to get me talking and laughing so this heavy dark cloud hanging over my head would be lighter for a short time. It worked.  We definitely did some laughing.  Enjoyed some good food,  talked about the "good ol days" and of course our grandchildren.  My friend and her husband who initiated the outing came to our house after and we continued to talk.  We purposely avoided discussing my son.  She had mentioned on the phone to me before we left that she really wanted me to just enjoy myself and not feel bad about it.  This night was to be joyful, not sad.

By no means do I want to make it sound like she wasn't interested in lending an ear.  She's done that for hours over the past few months.  Even before he just vanished and especially after.  Offering to go out looking with me, for her and her husband to go if I couldn't handle it,  she's text him herself and so has her daughter.  

Here we are together at a wedding

Sometime I'll just see a flash before me like God is reminding me my child is in something.  I just don't know what to do.  When I think about it to much I feel like a terrible parent just waiting around to see how everything turns out.  It doesn't feel right to be doing nothing to find or help him. How long do I wait?

All I know to do is continue to pray it has a good ending because if it doesn't I'm not sure this pain in my heart will go away.  I talked to the detective for the second time on Friday night.  She had nothing new to tell me.  I'm sure it wasn't that way but I felt like I was just another caller and she really didn't care at all.  She assured me I'd be the first to contact if  anything develops.  I was so angry in the beginning for making us all worry.  Causing his daughter to wonder why her daddy is not calling or visiting.  When one week turned into two I became concerned that he hadn't answered any of us.  Then the prayers and "real" concerned hit hard.  He has been furious with me as well as me with him and he's never went more than 3-4 days without texting or calling me.  It's not just me though.  It's our entire family and his sweet innocent daughter that he's not answering to.

We all believed at some point he would need something and we'd get a call.  He's pretty famous for that. Not for this long though.  It's been 4 weeks and 3 days now.  As far as we know he doesn't have a job so I'm not sure how he is surviving.  The feeling won't go away that the texts and calls that my mom sees on the phone bill are possibly not being made by him.  They are few and anytime we call it goes straight to voice mail.  If I'm wrong, great.  The fact remains I don't know for sure.  Last night I was watching an episode of 48 hours and I had to stop.  I started panicking that my situation would turn into theirs.  Weeks into months, months into years.  Please God, don't let it go on that long.  If he'd just talk to one of us so we could get him some help. 

My stimulator still doing ok.  Not where I'd like to be, but better.  When I  have it on it definitely helps but it gets to a point that I can't stand it in the "unwanted" areas.  Sometime it works just to switch to another program.  I'm really glad my appointment with PM doctor is coming up soon.  Like I need a new thing but it is what it is and I need an answer.  My battery site has been having this burning sensation. Almost like it's over heated.   That's not supposed to happen.  You can experience that when charging, but I charged a week ago.  Besides I don't have this particular issue as some do, just some warmth.   This "burning"  has been for 2 days now.  I won't let it go on for to long.  I hope it goes away because I feel like I need to treat the chest pain first.  I had mentioned to Mr. R last week about how sore the battery site continues to be and he said my loosing weight caused me to loose fatty tissue around it so there is no cushion any longer.  You can even see the out line of it. 

Saturday night I had my mind occupied again by the funniest little boy ever.  He's born to make you laugh and he did.  That would be P my handsome little grandson.  We had a great visit, just me and him hanging out doing whatever he wanted to do.  Including putting on A's princess crown.  Goofy Boy!  We even did a face time with cousin A.   My hearts not big enough to hold the love I have for these two <3.

Playing with the tea set and babies

Prince "AKA" Princess P
The "real" princess

Have no fear for what tomorrow may bring, the same loving God who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow and everyday.  He will either shield you from suffering or give you unfailing strength to bear it.  Be at peace, then and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.  Francis de Sales.

7:32 in the 4th Bal 21 and SF 29