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A 51 year old female living and dealing with lumbar back pain and fibromyalgia. Sharing things I do for relief, reduce stress and control weight gain.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Spring

I can't tell you how happy I am to see spring arrive.  As I took a walk Saturday afternoon so many of my neighbors were out washing cars, planting flowers and freshening up their flower beds.  I love my neighborhood especially during this time.  The yards are green again.  Everyone is into having their yard look really nice.  The naked trees have green leaves again.  My birds are hanging around in the back yard.  (yes, they're my birds...the same ones return) The down side here in LA is spring is VERY short.  We'll probably enjoy another week or two of staying in the 80's then it will be full out HOT!  

This warm weather turning to hot weather has a plus.  We will open the pool next week.  Last year we were in by the end of April.  The walks have been so nice through the fall and winter but it's been hard to find the right time the last week or two.  Anytime I can I prefer to walk in the morning, but I'm slow to get moving (stiff and sore) so it's starting to be a little warm when I make it out.  My other favorite time was around 3 but it's definitely to warm now for that.  I'm sure your wondering so what's the big deal about it being hot?  I don't mind sweating a little but I'm learning being to hot and sweaty aggravates my hives even if I shower right away.  So you can understand my excitement of getting to swim laps and walk in the pool again!!

Tomorrow my first born, and April fools baby, will celebrate another birthday. She's such an awesome mom and wife.  What she lacks in cooking skills, she makes up in so many other ways.  She recently took my grandkids pictures herself for the first time.  AJ's NaNan went along to help.  I told her they are so beautiful that I just can't understand her ever paying anyone to take them again now that AJ is older.  She is crafty to the max, bakes, sews and works two different jobs.  In her free time (all moms know there is no such's time you find) she does photography on a professional level.  Needless to say like many mothers, I'm so proud of her.  

P and AJ

I've continued to meet twice a month with the crochet compassion group at the library.  It's amazing the people I've met and how everyone has something to give.  Some people just show up with bags they collected.  Some show up to work the two hours and their done.  We have one lady who is legally blind but she likes to sit unfold and smooth bags to get someone else started.  We have ladies who only like to do the prep work and some who only like to do the crocheting.  It all works well.  I myself like to do all steps, because I think I'd get board just doing the same steps all the time.  

I completed my first mat on March 3rd and I'm very close to completing my second.  Our next gathering is April 7th so I plan to have it ready for then to turn in.  The need is overwhelming.  As long as I have bags to work with I will keep on crocheting.  It takes approximately 550-600 bags and 18 hours to complete a mat.  

First completed mat with handle
5 mats turned in this day :-)
Speaking of the bags, I mentioned on an instagram post that I needed help by asking any of my followers if they could help me save some plastic bags.  ( I don't really have many followers, but it only took a couple )  A few people can do amazing things.  My daughter, my neighbor and a friend have been supplying me with a bag of bags on a weekly basis.  Then there is my friend who had an idea to ask on social media also.  She is on facebook and has a lot of followers so she got such a great response.  We were both so touched by how many people responded and wanted to help.  She has collected A LOT of bags for me. If I don't need any at the time, I bring to the meetings because not all of the newcomers have bags to get started.  Her help has been tremendous and very appreciated.  

The colorful one I'm working on now!

Health wise I'm doing ok.  No better, no worse, so I can't complain.  April will be my first 3 month recurring appointment with my new dermatologist. (mine of 20 years retired) She didn't actually due the surgery but I'm anxious for someone to look at the incision site again.  It's been painful in a nervy way.  It's still numb in some areas too.  The oncologist had told me that can happen with a small percentage of people and take up to 6 months to get better.  I'm doing the PT exercises, but it's still bothering me.  If that was all I was dealing with it really wouldn't be a big deal.  I've let it bug me because I just don't need an added irritation.  It is what it is though, so I'll deal with whatever the outcome. I'd rather deal with the discomfort than find out there is more (melanoma) somewhere else.

I also have an appointment with my pain management doctor in April.  What's so special you may ask?  The first time since 2010 that I've been able to go 6 months instead of every 3.  I'm grateful since I now have the dermatologist every 3 months instead of yearly.

Like every fibromyalgia patient I have good days and bad days.  When you have a good day you can hardly enjoy it because you feel like your crazy.  How can you feel so normal one day and feel pain everywhere in your body the next day? I've learned over the years what triggers it and to just be prepared.

My family knows I'm not likely to make commitments.  They know it takes a lot to keep me down so if I cancel or say no I know they understand.  I spent so much time worrying about what people would think if I said, " I don't feel well" or "I can't do it today".  You look fine to everyone, so your mind tricks you into believing your friends and family don't understand.  Give them a chance.  Send them information to read or share about something you saw on television.  Ask them to come to your appointment with you.  Support from people around you is absolutely critical in my opinion.  The last thing you need is guilt to deal with.  
I finished reading Killing Jesus after reading Killing Lincoln.  Sunday night the movie from Killing Jesus played on the NatGeo channel and broke records.  It will air again on Fox this Friday and again Sunday.  I'm on the waiting list to read Killing Paton next.  Lately I've been sharing some movies I've enjoyed so here are a few more.  All my opinions of course.

Whiplash: if you or your children are musically inclined you'll understand the passion of this movie.  If not, you may be bored or not get the plot.
The Best of me:  RENT THIS MOVIE if you didn't see it.  ( tissues needed) My pick, but my husband did not deny he like it!
Equalizer: great pick, but I'm a Denzel fan.  I love all his movies.  My favorite movie of all time is one of his.  Remember the Titians
LucY: save your money. (D's pick)  Dumb plot and slow...again my opinion

A at her last visit with her daddy
Happy Easter to all.
God Bless