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Monday, February 9, 2015

A new scar

On January 30th the oncology surgeon did the surgery to remove the rest of the recurring melanoma from 2011.  It's coming along with the healing.  I'm in 10 days.  The scar itself is looking better but the top and bottom portion are still very tender.  As of this morning I haven't heard from the oncology office on the lab results so I gave them a call.  He told me day of surgery that we should have results in 3-5 days.   I didn't get a return call as of tonight.

I'm anxious for my follow up appointment next week.  I'm hoping he will let me start to put something on it for the dry tight skin and to help with the scaring also. 

On to other news.  I really wanted to get involved in a project I read about the last time I was at the library.  It's called Crochet Compassion.  A group of women get together the first Tuesday of the month.  They do some work for the homeless, but I got much more out of it than that.  It was nice to meet some new people and socialize.  What are they making?  Mats for the homeless.  It can be wet and cold outside.  What little they have to put down on the ground ends up damp and or wet.  The plastic mat helps keep whatever cover they have dry.  

These ladies spend many hours making balls of plastic yarn (plarn) from plastic bags you get at the grocery store.  They are smoothed, folded and cut into strips of circles and connected together.  When you connect enough you roll into a ball and get started.  It's just basic crochet after that.  I had been saving some bags but I discovered right away that I needed many more.  I called on some friends who came through for me.  I was also able to get some from some of the local retailers from their recycle bin.

I would be a lot farther along but unfortunately the crocheting part bothers my arm.  30 minutes into it it starts aching.  It hasn't stopped me though I've been chipping away at it.  Feels good to be doing something to help someone else instead of feeling sorry for myself.  

 What I've completed                 Bags every where

A mat completed, hard to believe that's  plastic bags!

Since I've written last my youngest granddaughter turned one.  She was the sweetest thing at her party. I was having a better day than usual, except for the sore on my leg, so I really enjoyed myself.  It was so fun watching her dive into her smash cake.   She started out with her fingers but then the little Diva used a spoon.  In the end it was all over her face and belly.  No worries though she cleaned right up with a quick splash in the tub.

I read the book "Killing Lincoln" I liked it so much I've started "Killing Jesus".  
Movies.....a couple weeks ago we rented BoyHood.  I liked it, it was unique but not as brilliant as advertised.  This past week end we watched The Judge with Robert Downy Jr.  It was awesome.  
After my two picks I had to let D pick one and his was Fury.  It was kind of bloody, war movie but if you got past that and the cussing it was ok.  My opinion on all of course.   Funny how we rarely watch movies but every time I'm recovering we get through several.  

Nonna with the birthday girl

enjoying her cake

chilling in her birthday chair!

I can't believe we are moving right on into the middle of February.  Seems it was just Christmas.  I've made plans to spend some time with some friends at the beach the first week end in May.   I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.  Right around the time that happens we should be opening the pool too.  The walking has been tough.  I've been thrilled to keep fighting and getting it done but I'm also looking forward to exercising in the pool again. 

Take care and stay full of H.O.P.E.

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